We manufacture printed paperboard cartons and catch-covers of various specifications as required by our clients. From single colour cartons to eight colour cartons, to UV printed cartons, we fulfill all our customer needs

To increase the aesthetic look of your product, we have facilities for Lamination, Aqua and UV Varnishing, Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing. With the European Legislation requiring the embossing of Braille dots onto pharmaceutical packaging, we are also equipped to supply cartons with Braille text embossing.

The products are used by various companies for packaging of syrup bottles, dry syrup bottles, injectables, tablets, capsules, etc.

The cartons, also run well on various automated high speed cartoning lines.

As most of the products manufactured by Shreyas, are used for exports, quality and consistency of quality, is of utmost importance.

For any company, Shreyas is an ideal partner, for supplying its packaging requirements, be it the best and consistent quality, innovations in packaging, competitive prices and quick turnarounds.